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Compound Marketing: Importance of SEO Compounding & How It Provide Sustainable Compound Marketing Growth with SEO
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Ethan Wong

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Compound Marketing: Importance of SEO Compound & Growth

Updated July 23, 2022

In the world today, where everything is becoming digitalized, there are several things on the internet. Many people use SEO to rank their content and be seen by people on their first attempt at searching for the keyword. 

However, a lot of people do not get the concept of Search Engine Optimization. It is not about addition but more about compounding growth by multiplication. 

Several business owners who utilize digital marketing aims at getting long-term success – which is why compound marketing is highly important for every business. This reflects in the method of marketing they use. In SEO and other related forms of digital marketing, the desire to achieve this long-term success leads to a concept called SEO compound or compounding SEO.

What is Compounding SEO?

What is Compounding SEO?

Several digital marketers and SEO experts will agree that the rewards of the efforts dedicated to SEO will yield fruits that can be reaped yearly. That is all there is to compound marketing or SEO. 

Several websites that use the concept of compounding SEO in their website content see a gradual growth in website traffic. What is more amazing is that there is a steady rise in the growth curve even without changing the content of the website after a while.

How Does SEO Compound Really Work?

When a website ranks on Google and generates traffic, it creates a network of increasing demands that keeps getting bigger as time goes by. It could be regarding visibility, organic links, positive reviews, top-notch user experience, and so on. 

Power of SEO compounding

Contents created using SEO tools will get consumed easily and generate more shares on the internet and social media. These shares will make the content rank, sending rankings to google every year. 

The more ranking Google gets of the content, the more it keeps pushing it up the search ranks, making it more visible and attracting more shares and readership. 

The higher your content ranks on Google, the more authoritative it gets, and the more Google gives it indexation credits and includes more keywords in the database. As time goes on, the content can claim ranking for several important keywords. With these keyword indexations, more people tend to see the content as it will attract more new searches.

Note that Google does not rank content based on the website as a whole but rather based on the URL. This is why you will sometimes see that the internal service page of a blog post can rank higher than the homepage of the site. 

To achieve the aim of Compounding SEO and get the long-term effect you desire, you need to create several good contents on the page. 

When Should I Implement Compounding SEO For Growth?

Right time for compounding seo

As established above, SEO is not a game of addition but multiplication. However, it might take a while as it pays only in the long term. A lot of marketers do not have the patience required for the long-term effect of SEO. Hence they are a bit skeptical about investing in SEO. A lot of them would rather invest in marketing strategies that will not yield the same result as the Compounding effect of SEO.

Here is the difference between investing in marketing strategies and SEO:

Investing in marketing strategies has a short-term reward, and you will need to keep updating your marketing strategies every time the game changes. This is so that you can keep getting rewards. Failure to update the strategy when the game changes mean you might stop getting rewards, and all previous efforts will go down the drain. On the other hand, once done well and at the right time, SEO marketing investment will continuously generate results without the need for new investments.

Having said this, When Should I Implement SEO Compounding?

One mistake that most marketers make is that although they understand the importance of compound marketing SEO, they fail to implement it at the right time.

The appropriate time to invest in SEO is before you launch the website. However, if you have launched the website but have not started SEO investment, then you should start now!

The digital market is really broad and competitive, so you can not dilly-dally because your competitors are not relaxed. 

You need to start your SEO compounding now. Beginning late will not give you the time needed for the compound SEO to yield results and move above your competitor’s level.

How To Accelerate Compounding SEO Growth Effect?

Now we have established that you need to start compound marketing for your website as soon as possible. Do not worry if you seem to start a bit later than your competitors because there are ways in which you can easily catch up. 

There are several strategies with which you can speed up your compound marketing process. Once you can use the tools and techniques properly and at the right time, you can speed up the process.

1. The first thing is to focus on the right keywords and check out your competitors before you create content.

2. Ensure that your content is evergreen and will always match the searcher’s intent.

3. Use on-page optimization when writing your content. Make use of meta descriptions, headings, external and internal links, etc. 

4. Make use of the strategic silo SEO equity among related articles. This is an essential step in speeding up the effect of compound SEO. It helps Google in ranking on the particular baskets of keywords.

What Should You Understand About Long-Term SEO?

If you want to make money from a website, you need to refrain from looking for quick results as you won’t get it. 

A way you can get a quick result from websites is if your content is viral. In this case, you may get a lot of traffic in a while. However, as time goes on, it will reduce. 

This is not the goal of SEO. The aim is to maintain your rank. Here are the factors you need to focus on for long-term SEO:

Google’s Search Engine Requirements Constantly Changes:

Google can change Search Engine ranking requirements & Core Updates, and a lot of time, we are not informed and do not know about it. The changes can range from subtle to significant.

Initially, once your content is loaded with keywords, it will rank. However, since the launch of Rankbrain, new terms like bounce rate and dwell time have been considered. Gone the days that you just stuff your keywords inside your content to rank & also to build what we call E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) in SEO, quality contents with high level of keyword research needed – SEO Keyword research guide.

This is the way to ensure that whatever change in policy will not affect you is to create good content with the mind that it is for long-term use.  

SEO is Competitive & A Long Term Growth Marketing Strategy:

The internet, as its name implies “world wide web,” is very broad, with several billions of websites on it. There are several websites that, no matter what your niche is, there probably is a website regarding that already. 

This makes it easy for a website to overtake you. The overtaking now has become more common with Google’s current policy of giving everybody a chance. 

The competitive nature of the web makes it possible for you to analyze the moves and methods of your competitors. Not to mention, Google loves fresh & new content which is why SEO is a long-term compound marketing growth strategy that you should look into.

In SEO, the #1 Ranking Factor is Still Organic Backlinks:

Backlinks, as the word implies, are links that point readers back to your site. In SEO, Google also uses backlinks to rank your site. A backlink is a vote that shows Google that your page is good & with high-quality content that others can’t afford to miss out on & links to you instead of others. Check out what is What Is Cross Linking in SEO? to actually learn more about backlinks.

The number and quality of links help your content rank higher.

Importance of SEO Contents in Compound Marketing:

There are several reasons why SEO content and compound marketing are very important. If you want to expand your reach and generate traffic to your website, consider compound marketing SEO’s effects. 

Here are a few reasons compound SEO is important in your marketing plan.

SEO compound is an easy and long-term method of connecting with your target audience. 

Without a doubt, SEO is among the best marketing strategies for connecting with your target audience. SEO fosters a natural relationship between brands and their audience. This is because the brand creates a solution to the problem they came to search for answers on the web. 

Organic search is a major source of traffic.

One of the major importance of compound SEO is that it is a major source of website traffic. The primary aim of Google is to provide solutions to your questions as quickly as it can. It helps searchers in finding the information they are searching for as soon as possible. 

SEO helps marketers understand the voice of customers.

Another importance of SEO compound is that it helps marketers and businesses better understand their customers’ voices. SEO helps you find out the questions your audience is asking in your niche. You will be able to see the words people use and what they mean by those words.

It is a cost-effective marketing strategy.


Conclusion – Compounding SEO

Every year SEO’s standards & efforts are required increased. Ensuring your SEO results stand out and overtake your competitors on SERPs, required a long-term SEO compound growth that we shared.

If you want to improve your business, then building your website’s authority and brand trustworthiness are never as crucial as before. And, trust us, it takes time to build them.

As you are building your business, it’s important that you create a long-term plan for your SEO. Your results might take some time to show, but when they do, they will keep on multiplying. That’s how compounding the SEO works!

Check out Nexis Novus Technology’s SEO services to see how we can help you compound your sales and revenues to the next level!