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Best Online Business Malaysia To Do Now – Affiliate Marketing Malaysia

There are few ways of doing business online in Malaysia, one of the most underrated ways in Malaysia would be affiliate marketing.

However, one of the most recent success through affiliate marketing was done by ShopBack.

So how does affiliate marketing work in Malaysia and why affiliate marketing Malaysia?

What is Affiliate Marketing & Why Doing it in Malaysia?

Affiliate Marketing is by doing marketing for other people’s products/services while earning money as a reward throughout the process.

In today’s digital world, brands/companies are actively looking for more sales & lead through affiliate marketing where publishers (Affiliate Marketers) will promote their products/services to their audience through various channels such as blogs, social media, emails & etc.

Publishers actively keep track of their consumer’s behavior and promote accordingly to them in order to increase sales and leads. This process of earning money could go on forever with proper targeting and market research.

This is one of the reasons why affiliate marketing works and still being around for decades as it is less risks, no inventory, and low cost which is a perfect online business model for many of us.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

So how does affiliate marketing work? First of all, let start with understanding the mechanism of it,

Online Business Malaysia

Publishers or affiliate marketers could be influencers, bloggers, digital marketing professionals, and etc that able to generate traffics to their contents and persuades their followers/consumers to purchase products/services. It is as simple as that.

Where & How to start with Affiliate Marketing Malaysia as Online Business Malaysia?

  1.  Finds affiliate networks/platforms to join with.
  2.  Explore affiliate programs that suitable for your niche.
  3.  Start communicating with affiliate networks/platforms account manager to start with.

After understanding the mechanism of affiliate networks, let’s talk about some affiliate marketing platforms available in Malaysia.

ACCESSTRADE Malaysia – Affiliate Marketing Platform in Malaysia

Online Business Malaysia

ACCESSTRADE Malaysia is one of the biggest affiliate networks in SEA, with 20 years of experience of affiliate marketing and listed in Japan’s stock exchange (TSE/TSO), code – 2122 since 2006.

With their present in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & Japan, more than 15,600 of global campaigns being run with brands. For ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, most of their campaigns are focusing in Malaysia while other countries’ campaigns are managed by other teams respectively.

Major brands and campaigns can be found through them with great rewards and support from their account managers. This would be one of the best affiliate marketing Malaysia platform to start with,

Sign up as a publisher with them today to enjoy benefits below,

  1. User-Friendly Dashboard
  2. Full Access to Exclusive Campaigns
  3. Detailed Reporting Tools
  4. Friendly Account Manager to Assist You (Publisher)
  5. Exclusive Events & Training for Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia & Japan Publishers

Involve Asia – Affiliate Marketing Platform in Malaysia


Online Business Malaysia


Involve Asia is one of the largest affiliate marketing platform in Malaysia started since 2014 and expanded to Thailand & Indonesia.

Providing most of the top local brands in Malaysia for example, Uniqlo Malysia, JDSports, Malaysia Airlines and more. Unlike ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, they provide brands/campaigns throughout Global.

Major brands and campaigns can be found through them with great rewards and support from their account managers. This would be one of the best second alternative affiliate marketing Malaysia platform to start with while still having access to global campaigns, for those that have traffic sources from other countries other than Malaysia.

Sign up as publisher with them today to enjoy benefits below,


  1. User Friendly Dashboard
  2. Full Access to Exclusive Campaigns
  3. Detailed Reporting Tools
  4. Account Manager to Assist You

Final Thought for Affiliate Marketing Malaysia as Your Main Source of Income – Online Business Malaysia

The best part about starting an online business in Malaysia is you don’t need much capital to get started especially for affiliate marketing if you are purely utilizing free traffic sources such as social media and search engine optimization strategy from your own website.

In most cases, you will need a minimum of investments (rental, utilities, employees) to start a local brick and mortar business everywhere in the world, while you can jump-start an online business today for free through this method.

Yes, every business will be hard at the beginning even you are starting an online business, but the rewards of living a comfortable life while working from anywhere in the world is a luxury you can enjoy in the long run.

For starters, please start with ONE online business and don’t get distracted. Once you have made money, you can then decide on whether to scale the business or start the next online business.

We hope that you have more idea about how to start an online business Malaysia for free through affiliate marketing platform suggested above, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through email at

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