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Best Remote Work Software & Tools in Malaysia [2022]

Updated March 21, 2020
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New Era of Working in Malaysia – Work From Home?

The trends of remote working or work from home Malaysia been years ago and it slowly becomes more popular lately due to the COVID-19 outbreak all over the world especially in Malaysia.

Recently, in Malaysia, the Government had decided to issue movement control order to minimize the spread of outbreaks and forced most of the private sector companies to stop their operation for 2 weeks. Companies in Malaysia now have to find alternative ways to reduce their operation impacts by allowing their employees to work remotely. Thanks to technology, companies are starting to adopt this technology and keeping up changes.

How to Manage Your Team Work From Home in Malaysia?

Managers are responsible for managing companies goals & expectations that required his/her team members to help on daily tasks. It is a very difficult task for managers especially during this time of pandemic outbreak that causes the economy to slow down around the globe. However, “when there is a crisis, there is an opportunity” by using the right tools, this is no longer a challenge.

Advantages of Work From Home – Feedbacks From Local Businesses in Malaysia

Remote working been a trend for quite some time and been predicted to grow yearly since technology advanced rapidly. This is the best time for Malaysia Companies to exploit the culture of remote working and what kind of benefits will they able to explore through this technology.


Without an office space, employers can reduce the hefty cost of office rentals and some other overhead costs. Some companies might prefer human interaction which more likely to have better team chemistry. Alternatively, companies can choose to work in co-working spaces once in a while for team building or important meetings while allowing remote working.

Reduce Time for Commuting

By reducing the amount of time spent on the rush hour to work, employees are less stressed and being fresher when they woke up in the morning to start their work. This is undoubtedly will boost their productivity & morale, hence a boost to your business too.

Lower Employee Retention Rates

Many businesses in the world having problems with their high employee retention rate especially startup businesses. Employees tend to leave the companies when they get better offers from other bigger companies that startups might not be able to afford to fork out. However, by having an employee working from home, that is one of the huge advantages which allow an employee to have their flexibility while still able to finish their task in a given time frame. Trust and freedoms are builds between employer and employee in the process. On the other hand, bigger organizations tend to have more meetings with longer time frames which might reduce employees’ productivity and motivation.

Productivity Increase

This might be controversial and it also depends on employees. Most of the time, employees tend to increase their productivity through work from home due to responsibility and in a less distracting environment. While in office, some might be distracted by co-workers or working environments that unable to let them focus better. While working from home, employees have control around their working environment and tend to increase their productivity according to case studies done by Stanford Professor Nicholas Bloom which gave a speech on TEDxTalk.


Best 5 Tools For Work From Home in Malaysia

1. Microsoft 365 Business Essential 

2. Slack

3. Workspace by Facebook

4. Zoom

5. Google Drive

Microsoft 365 Business Essential

We personally highly recommend Microsoft 365 Business Essential plan which is affordable and consist all essential tools for business.

Mircosoft Office 365 Business Essentials includes:

1. Online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

2. 1 TB storage of One Drive Business for each user.

3. Business domain email that come with 50GB storage.

4. Skype for Business that provide unlimited online conferences up to 250 peoples.

5. Microsoft Team remote working tools that work better than Skype.

Each user only cost about RM15.60 per month/user which is very affordable and ideally for startup or SME businesses.


Slack is a serious version discord which is more for the gaming community. It is one of the best options for teams that working from home which come with the following features:

1. Channels can be categorized into different categories for team member to communicate

2. Ease of sharing files with team members

3. Provide third-party app integration such as Gmail, google drive, and more.

4. Search feature for archived messages.

5. Provide voice and video call features.

Workplace By Facebook

Workplace By Facebook basically is Facebook version of “LinkedIn” which provide social space for team members to collaborate with. 

Some handy features in Premium version such as enterprise level of monitoring tools and APIs integration. Beside that, workplace also provide porducitivty tools like others, video chat, instant messaging, unlimited file storage and ease of access through mobile apps.

Fortunately, companies can have their hands on for premium version for free now due to companies initiative of helping companies to work from home during pandemic outbreak. 


Zoom is a super convenient and yet powerful webinar software for hosting video calls. Just simply create a session through Zoom website, a link for a meeting is now able to share with everyone to join without any software pre-installed on the computer.

Some pretty unique feature offered by zoom compare to other competitors in the market:

1. Fullscreen and gallery view

2. Join as view only attendee

3. Annotation and co-annotation functionality

4. Built-in security measures such as password protection

5. Toll-free options in 60+ countries for joining meetings

6. Instant or scheduled meeting setups

Google Drive

Google Drive provides more advanced file sharing tool than other providers such as Slack & Workplace by Facebook.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be share and convert into google sheets for team members to have easy access and the ability to modify real-time.

It easily syncs across devices, can be view and edit anywhere. Backing up important files and ease to access no longer an issue, is a super useful tool for businesses.

Especially for SME, every user can get 15GB storage for free while the business version provides 25GB per user with just an extra 1$ top-up from the plan.


Canva provides ease of use for social media posting designed visuals and tons of photos that are free & paid version for your business to use with.

For starter, they allow 1 month of Canva Pro – Free trial for you to start with and help your business to grow in multiple platforms.

Here the differences of Free Version Vs Pro Version:

Screenshot 2021 07 06 at 1.36.05 PM Nexis Novus Technology

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